Who is Josh Nelson?

Hi! I'm Josh - a web designer, programmer, computer scientist, and general technology enthusiast.
I'm passionate about designing useful tools for people, and pushing technology to it's limits.



Catchup is a turn based board game with simple rules, but deep strategy. This implementation features multiplayer, chat, and a game lobby system. It has made using HTML5, PHP, MySQL, javascript, and jQuery.
Game concept by Nick Bently

UV Alerts

UV Alerts is an Android application that monitors UV levels in 10 Australian cities in real time, and alerts the user when they exceed a certain threshold.

Similar music visulaiser

This tool visualises similar music artists in a tree structure, using the last.fm database and it's API. It has made using HTML5, javascript, the last.fm API, and jQuery.

Sydney rental heatmap

This tool uses the Google Maps API to visualise scraped data on a heatmap. The hot areas represent high rental prices. The data was scraped with Python, using Beautiful Soup, and visualised with Javascript using heatmapsjs

Japan institute website

This website was created for the Australian National University, using Drupal, and PHP.


See my CV for details


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